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June 2023

MACTRON GROUP CO., LTD. Participated in COMPUTEX 2023 Highlights the Trend of AI Healthcare Touch Embedded Systems
麥智精密參加 COMPUTEX 2023 嶄露AI醫療科技觸控嵌入系統趨勢

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MACTRON GROUP (MTG) participated in the Computex Taipei 2023, held from May 30th to June 2nd at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. During the exhibition, visitors from nearly 30 countries showed remarkable enthusiasm and interest in MTG's showcased INTEL 12th Generation Alder Lake series, including "WCP2157, WMP2157, and WMR2387," leading to a significant increase in inquiries. Additionally, MTG's "MediTRON" intelligent healthcare solution stood out as an absolute focal point. Following the challenges brought by COVID-19, this year's exhibition witnessed a substantial influx of international visitors, creating an unprecedented vibrant atmosphere.

Simon C. Lin, CEO and founder of MACTRON GROUP(MTG), expressed that the company launched several new medical products this year, integrating AI applications to demonstrate the immense power of efficient computing in practical use. Among them, the BMP3026 Medical-Grade 4K Image Integrated Embedded Box PC garnered considerable attention. Through meticulous design, BMP3026 seamlessly integrates with various medical devices, enabling high-quality recording during surgeries and diagnostic processes. This product supports high-definition video input and output, including HDMI 4K@60. Whether it is endoscopy, X-rays, ultrasound, or da Vinci surgical systems, the BMP3026 can provide real-time display and recording simultaneously, fully complying with medical standards and meeting the requirements of various medical applications.


CEO and Founder of MACTRON GROUP (MTG), Simon C. Lin, leading the touch science revolution in the industrial computer sector.

MTG's "MediTRON" intelligent healthcare solution was undoubtedly the highlight of this year's exhibition.

Another remarkable innovation is the rugged and medical-grade 10.1-inch Twin-Models Touch Mobile Tablet PCs. "MAS1016 and MMS1016," specifically designed for industrial automation and smart healthcare. These touch tablet PCs combine features such as industrial IP65 protection, MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration resistance testing, medical-grade alcohol-wipe resistance, and medical-grade antimicrobial coating, and have obtained certifications from over 30 countries. The MAS1016 and MMS1016 come in flexible black and white color options to cater to diverse application needs in the global market.

Group photo of the MACTRON GROUP (MTG) team.

麥智精密股份有限公司(MTG)於5月30日至6月2日在台北南港展覽館一館,參加台北國際電腦展(Computex Taipei 2023),展會期間,將近30個國家的參觀者,對該公司展出的INTEL第12代Alder Lake系列「WCP2157WMP2157WMR2387」,現場表現出驚人的熱情與興趣且詢問量攀升。此外,麥智精密(MTG)的「MediTRON」智慧醫療照護解決方案,更是展出的絕對焦點,經過疫情的洗禮,今年的展會現場湧入大量國內外參觀者,氣氛空前火熱。

麥智精密(MTG)創辦人林哲勛執行長表示,今年該公司推出多款全新醫療產品,融合AI人工智慧應用且完美展現高效運算在實際應用中的威力。其中,BMP3026醫療級4K影像整合Embedded Box PC備受矚目,經過精心設計BMP3026與多種醫療設備完美結合,讓手術與診斷過程得以高品質錄影,該產品支援高畫質視訊輸入及輸出,包括HDMI 4K@60。不論是內視鏡、X光、超音波還是達文西手術系統等醫療設備的影像輸出,BMP3026能同時進行即時顯示與錄影,並完全符合醫療標準且滿足各種醫療應用的需求。


麥智精密(MTG)一直以來致力於觸控嵌入系統科技,引領全球人類走向更快速、更高效、更簡便的環境。在AI & IoT & Edge Computing & Big Data應用不斷擴展及5G技術的推動下,高效運算正迎來蓬勃發展的新時代。該公司將持續為各產業領域的合作夥伴,帶來更多創新的高科技應用,始終以卓越品質與服務內容,鞏固對於產業的堅持與使命。