Solutions - MediTRON, AutoTRON, CommTRON

MediTRON - Medical Healthcare Market Segment

Clear, neat, and the longevity are crucial factors in the medical industry. By offering medical-grade feature with anti-bacteria, sharp graphics on a high contrast resolution, MediTRON helps medical industry to make more accurate diagnoses and identify core etiology. The application involves the use of technologies such as radiology, surgical, medical cart, beside terminal, mobile X-ray...etc.

AutoTRON - Industrial Automation Market Segment

AutoTRON supply powerful, flexible, and cost-effective automation solution. Make equipment, machines, controllers, and PC can be capable and communicate with each other, in order to increase its productivity, quality, and efficiency. Application include Food Process, Robotics, factory, HMI screening, packaging industry.

CommTRON - Business Commercial Market Segment

CommTron offer solutions and bring more simplicity and ease of use environment for all business commercial users as virtually any type of retail location including vending machine, fitness club, restaurant ordering, gaming lottery, interactive kiosks...etc.