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Newsletter Jan. 2018
MACTRON’s modular PPC (WAS Series), a flexible & cost-effective solution, optimizing your needs in any application.

Why modularized?
With a modular PPC, without replacing the whole unit, users can easily replace the component by themselves without any hassle!

For example, if the user would like to upgrade from Celeron to i5 platform, all they have to do is replacing the BPC platform (Box PC); or if user would like to exchange the size of the Touch Display Monitor (e.g. 12” to 19”), they can also swap the display monitors only. Since BPC was attached to display monitor, it can be easily disassembled for maintenance or upgrade without replacing the whole PPC unit. Providing uses for a more cost & effective solution.

In addition to that, our solution can create over 100+ combinations for your needs, including 3 types of Box PCs with platforms from Bay Trail to Skylake, 6 sizes of displays with varies brightness selections. Your projects are no longer limited to certain display size for certain CPU platform anymore!

Most important, the modular PPC is also an environmental-friendly product! Since users can replace the failure component or upgrade to the new platform instead of tossing a whole PPC away, minimizing any e-Waste, create eco-friendly electronics way!
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