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Newsletter July 2018

Intelligent Machines of Vending Automation

Intelligent Machines of Vending Automation offers the art of “Touch Embedded System” to enhance the customers experience. The user-friendly operation gives customers the opportunity to browse the products in the same way they would on the web. The touch embedded system screens range from 10.4" to 21.5" in size or even larger and that allows for the customization for your regional needs of Intelligent Machine of Vending Automation!
MACTRON GROUP - WAP Series Panel PCs were designed for "Industrial Automation Market Segment". WAP Series delivers the high level of brightness and excellent viewing angles to guarantee the high clarity.
Reliable System with fanless design

When install in factories or industrial production line environment, better not have moving part because it may cause dust obsolete or clogging. WAP series fanless thermal solution can avoid units malfunction and keep the system cool with low power consumption.

Sturdy aluminate front frame design with hair brush & anodized

With true-flat, IP65, finishing, WAP series PPC won’t degradant materials' properties caused by chemical reaction with their environments, also against dust and water from front, suitable for withstand harsh environment.

Wide Voltage & Wide temperature support

For industrial applications, WAP series design for harsh environment – provide a wide range voltage & operating temperature. Voltage is from 12V to 36V, and operating temperature is from -30°C (optional) to 50°C. The wide voltage protects the products by converting different voltage input to meet the one as required, these provide rock-solid, industrial-grade performance.

Water Droplet / Vapor protect

Water drops or vapor will cling to the panel after rain splashed on the screen. If that happens, the content maybe unclear to operate, our monitor prevent water drops and vopor

Ranging from 10.4", 12", 15", 17",19" and 21.5", MACTRON GROUP optimizes the design quality and enhances the efficiency of engineering process.
To know more about MACTRON GROUP Industrial Automation Market Segment PPC Panel PC Series WAP2150, please visit for more details.
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