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Newsletter August 2022

Achieve Both Mobility and Stability – Special Promotion & Bundle Deal

Get tired of meaningless routine jobs, need more time to make important decisions, or want to decrease errors on artificial operation, but have no way out with an extremely dried budget? Pass the newsletter to your financial department now!

Welcome to Special Promotion & Bundle Deal for both commercial and industrial environments – one Touch Panel PC plus one Mobile Tablet PC to bring your creativity and productivity back to your environment!


First of all, the 21.5” Touch Panel PC WCP2157 fits everywhere, no matter whether on walls, stands, tables, or movable workstations. We won’t recommend mounting on the ceiling so far (still developing this option).


Covered by its solid Industrial-Grade protection and Aluminum Die Casting Housing, inside it is the powerful performance and expansion capability, just like the greatest and hardest ones – every mother in the world.

Do you get a business trip or do afternoon snacks become your faith but you are worried about the production? Select one of our MIL-STD-810G Windows Rugged Mobile Tablets PC – MAS1017 or MAS1220


Both have built-in 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, so remote control, real-time alarm & reports are accomplished. The delay or errors in information exchange will be significantly decreased.


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