Transformer Software Kit
  • Microsoft modern style ribbon UI
  • Support wide-coverage communication protocols
  • Support VNC remote monitoring and FTP file transfer
  • Offers a variety of alarm tables, actions that alarms can be set to trigger
  • Support simple scripting language for data manipulation between HMI and PLC
  • Data extracted by data logger service can be further exported into .txt, .csv or .pdf file


Data Center, CNC Machine, Factory Production, Cold Chain Logistic

Brand Series Support Models
Allen-BradleyControlLogix, CompactLogix EthernetAll models
MicroLogix DF1 RS232All models
MicroLogix EthernetAll models
Micro800 EthernetAll models
PLC5 DF1 CRCAll models
CoDeSysCoDeSys V3Ethernet over ARTI
DeltaDVPAll models
FATEKFBs/Fbe/B1/B1zAll models
FBs/Fbe/B1/B1z TCPAll models
HitachiMICRO-EHV EthernetMICRO-EHV Ethernet
HUSTH Series CNC ControllerH4D Series/H6D Series
A6 CNC ControllerA6 Series
KEYENCEKV-1000All models
KV-L20V Host Link/KV-nanoAll models
KV-3000/5000/5500 SeriesAll models
KOYOSU/DL SeriesAll models
LustLustBus ServoC/CDE SeriesAll models
MitsubishiA Series/J71UC24 Computer LinkAll models
A Series/J71 for AnA/AnUAll models
A Series/J71 Format4All models
FR Series/A700All models
FX SeriesAll models
FX/FX2N Series Computer LinkAll models
FX2N SeriesAll models
FX3U SeriesAll models
FX3U Series Computer LinkAll models
FX3U Series EthernetAll models
Q SeriesAll models
Q Series Computer LinkAll models
Q Series EthernetAll models
FX5U EthernetAll models
Servo MR-J4All models
MODBUS ASCII MasterAll models
MODBUS RTU SlaveAll models
MODBUS ASCII MasterAll models
MODBUS TCP SlaveAll models
MODBUS TCP MasterAll models
MOTRONAMKS MC700 Motion ControllerAll models
OmronC SeriesTPM1A, CP1E, CP1L
CS/CJ SeriesAll models
CS/CJ Series FINS TCPAll models
NX/NJ Series EtherNet/IPAll models
OPTEXCD33 Series SensorAll models
CD5 Series SensorAll models
PanasonicFP SeriesAll models
SiemensS7-200All models
S7-200/300/1200/1500 (ISO TCP)All models
S5 PG PortAll models
TECOTP02/03 SeriesAll model
AC Servo TSDA SeriesAll models
ToshibaTMFCD91AAll models
VigorVB/VH/M SeriesAll models
VS SeriesAll models
VS TCPAll models
VS UDPAll models
YamatakeDCP30All models
DMC50All models
SDC35/SDC45All models
NX-D15/25All models
YokogawaFA-M3 Series TCPAll models
AccessoriesLead ControllerEV12048WI1JX
Barcode ReaderAll models
Barcode PrinterAll models
The Uniquely Modern Screen Designer

Diversified MTG TSK Smart Functions
It’s easy to get your application up and running with our MTG TSK Software. All the diversified smart functions you need are all included.

Take advantage with built-in functionality that can be easily inserted into your screen.

IIOT HMI Solutions
IIOT HMI with dual Ethernet ports, I/O channels, Wi-Fi station & AP. A multi-purpose device that included Gateway functionality, VNC remote monitoring, RESTful API service, MQTT service and Automation protocols.
MQTT Service
MQTT today is used in a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas, etc.

With simple settings, HMI can be set as Publisher or Subscriber.  When the set condition is met, or periodic publishing is set, tag data of HMI publisher will be triggered to publish to MQTT server.

RESTful API Service
Via RESTful API Service, HMI sends requests and receives responses to and from the cloud in JSON format to fulfill the requirements of IoT applications while avoiding security breaches with HTTPS encryption algorithm.

Automation Protocols
Support various automation protocols, including Modbus (RTU/TCP/ASCII), CANopen for communications in different applications with PLCs, controllers, and I/O modules, etc. through physical serial (RS-232/422/485) or Ethernet ports.

Dual Ethernet Ports
With dual Ethernet ports, HMI functions as the gateway between internal industrial communications network and external wide area network (WAN).

FTP File Transfer
Supports FTP protocols, allowing users to easily obtain HMI data logs, historical alarm tables, recipes, Screen captures, and to upload or download projects from or to HMI.

Various Compatible PLC Brands
Support wide compatible PLC that enables communication with your PLC and other automation equipment from all major automation manufactures.
View Our Various PLC Driver List

Standard Accessory

Create a Project

System Tag

Button & Indicator

Numeric & Meter

Action Button



Static & Animated

Line Chart & XY Chart

Datalog Table & Trend Chart



Security Setting


Trigger Service


Type Description File
SOFTWAREHMI program editor for Win10 64bit Operating System MTG TSK Software 2.0.1
SOFTWAREHMI program editor for WinXP, Win7, Win8 Operating System MTG TSK Software 1.6.71
SOFTWAREMTG TSK 2.0.01 runtime for industrial Panel PC (X86 PC-based; Win10 64bit Operating System) application MTG TSK SCADA 2.0.01