RMA & DOA Request Process

Step 1: Please fill out the below RMA form

Step 2: After fill out RMA form, we will generate a RMA number and email to you.

Step 3: When receive RMA number, please read and sign and email the form to us and you can return machine to us.

Note: Please mark RMA number in the outside carton. MACTRON GROUP (MTG)


  • Limitation: Should be identify for the shipment out from MTG within 30 days, without human-caused damage.

  • Return Cost: will be paid by MTG (If MTG clarifies it is caused by human damage, then customer should pay the maintenance fees and transportation costs.)


  • Within warranty: no need to pay maintenance fees but need to pay the transfer cost by one way. (If it is human-caused damage, the customer should pay the maintenance fees and transportation costs.)

  • Out of warranty: all the transfer cost and maintenance costs entirely paid by the customer. (If the repair is not required, it’s no need to pay testing fees)

Note 1: If not our RMA standard operating procedures, please contact us.

Note 2: Please follow the process to apply for RMA / DOA to ensure your rights

Note 3: Please complete the RMA form and the serial number is required.

Not covered by MACTRON GROUP (MTG) two-year warranty in the following

Warranty Agreement
  • Damage caused by carelessness on the user's part during product transportation.

  • Damage caused by inappropriate storage environments such as with high temperatures, high humidity, or volatile chemicals.

  • Damage caused by not following instructions in the user's manual.

  • Damage caused by fire, earthquakes, floods, lightening, pollution, other acts of God, and/or incorrect usage of voltage transformers.

  • Damage from improper repair by unauthorized technicians.

  • Products with altered and/or damaged serial numbers are not entitled to our service.

  • Other categories not protected under our warranty.

  • Damage caused by leakage of battery fluid during or after change of batteries by customer/user.

  • Customers are responsible for all fees necessary to transport damaged products to MACTRON GROUP (MTG).

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concern & question.

We would like to assist and support immediately.

Thank you very much for supporting!