Warranty Agreement

MACTRON GROUP (MTG) provides 24 months of warranty (effective from the date of delivery) for the Touch All In One System related products customers buy from MTG or from their Authorized Distributors (AD) & System Integrators (SI) & Solution Providers (SP). For any product malfunction during warranty period due to damaged parts or defective production, MTG will provide free repair services or free replacement of other product with same price value.

Warranty Documents Proof

Please provide the related purchase documents in order to confirm the product delivery date.

Standard Warranty Period

Touch All In One System PPC (PPC): 24 months

Touch Display Monitor (TDM): 24 months

Embedded Box PC (BPC): 24 months

Mobile Tablet PC (MTP): 24 months

Extended Warranty Rate

MTG PPC & TDM & BPC & MTP Extended Warranty – 3rd year = 6%

MTG PPC & TDM & BPC & MTP Extended Warranty – 4th year = 8% + 6%

MTG PPC & TDM & BPC & MTP Extended Warranty – 5th year = 10% + 8% + 6%

RMA Warranty Scope

MTG will not be responsible for any warranty services when following conditions occur:

  1. Products have already passed warranty period from the date MTG finishes the delivery.

  2. Product is damaged or defective due to the misuse, abuse or behaviours unauthorized by MTG such as Touch All In One System disassembly, parts change, maintenance, etc.

  3. Product is damaged or defective due to the necessary installation or disassembly performed by customers, then the expenses incurred should be borne by customers.

  4. For product accessories, such as adapter, cable, etc., which is not manufactured by MTG, the warranty of original manufacturers will be followed.

  5. Product is damaged due to the hardware change and incorrect test method performed on MTG products by customers or the third party authorized by customers.

  6. Product is damaged due to natural forces like thunder stroke, flood, earthquake, etc…….!

  7. Expectable damage of consumable parts like fuse, battery, etc.

  8. For conditions above mentioned, MTG will provide separate quote for repair service if it is requested by customers.

During warranty period, warranty services will be done according to MTG’s judgement to decide whether repair or replacement will be provided. When customers send the damaged products to MTG for repair, the risk of loss or damage during delivery should be covered by customers. Customers should prepay the delivery charges and use original packing or other protective packing to send the products.

Restricted Warranty Obligation

This warranty agreement replaces all other implicative or explicative, written or oral warranty agreements previously made. MTG’s responsibility for compensation in connection with the manufacturing, sales, supply or use of product should not exceed the original cost of product; no matter it is based on warranty, agreement, negligence, product responsibility or other clauses. For unintentional or inevitable loss suffered by customers, including profit loss or product damage caused due to the manufacturing, sales or supply of this product, MTG is not responsible for any compensation.

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