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April 2021

Exciting News! MACTRON GROUP (MTG) is having the Newsletter Interviews on Commercial Times!

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The original contents as below:

MACTRON GROUP is a leading branding hardware solution provider for professional-grade touch embedded systems. They provide professional-grade Touch IT solutions, and focus on Medical Healthcare, Industrial Automation and Business Commercial; as 3 market segments.

MTG's comprehensive product lines include PPC (Touch All-In-One System Panel PC), TDM (Touch Display Monitor), BPC (Embedded Box PC), and MTP (Mobile Tablet PC) to satisfy global partners’ market requirements.

With capabilities spanning the value chain, and by taking full advantage of the latest technologies, MACTRON GROUP is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and Best-In-Class customer service.

Simon C. Lin – the CEO of MTG, said that he has accumulated nearly 30 years of solid experience in the IPC industry in the United States and Taiwan; more than that, the 15 years of in-depth industry insights in the touch technology industry is another weapon MTG got. In recent years, he is committed to developing forward-looking technology products and providing the best quality products to global customers; that is how he started MACTRON GROUP (MTG).

With the pace that the manufacturing industry has been moving toward the stage of Industry 4.0, the concept of smart factory emerged accordingly. Therefore, the Touch All-In-One System Panel PC and the Mobile Tablet PC have been gradually regarded as the necessary parts of this trend, they help the workforce on the production line to be more efficient and have more in-time access to the workflow. Take MTG’s WCP2157 Model for example, the signature Magnetic I/O Port Cover makes the maintenance on the production line much easier than ever before, and it also provides a variety of data collection functions, such as RFID, NFC and Barcode Scanning.

In terms of medical healthcare, the portable medical-grade mobile tablet pc (MMS Series) makes the medical personnel can collect the essential information they need with the touch of their fingertips, and to transit the critical information of patients by connecting to the Internet through its built-in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE communication abilities. Thanks to MTG’s medical-grade mobile tablet pc, the medical personnel now have a better method to monitor the patients by using Big Data analysis. MTG can provide the experts in medical healthcare with flexible solutions.

Simon C. Lin – the CEO of MTG shared with us one of the Success Stories they have for the application in the medical healthcare industry as below.

MTG was approached by one of their partners - an experienced system integrator in Europe to provide them the suitable hardware for one of their customers as the "Solution Provider" who developed the application software to monitor the blood oxygen levels of high-risk patients to better take care of them.

MTG provides the 7-Inch Medical-Grade Mobile Tablet PC MMS0700 along with the docking station for using as the "Blood Oxygen Sensor Equipment Solution". Thanks to MTG’s MMS0700, it enables the medical personals to gather the information they need with just one touch of a fingertip. It is much easier and more powerful as it can be connected to the internet via its Wi-Fi as well as 3G LTE communication to upload the blood oxygen data, do the big data analysis to give the medical personals more flexibility in monitoring their patients.

The solution creates a new method for medical personals to have more accessible data of their patients; therefore, they are able to better take care of their patients.

Simon C. Lin emphasizes that MTG is a team and MTG focuses a lot on the hardware & software integration projects with global business partners. That leads MTG to a better understanding of the end customer’s needs and they keep improving themselves all the time!