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Application: Blood Oxygen Sensor & Data Analysis Solution

Medical-Grade Mobile Tablet PC to efficiently take care of high-risk patients


Portable Medical-Grade Mobile Tablet PCs (MTP Line) play a key role in healthcare environments. The ability to be carried around wherever you go, and gather information with multiple data collection peripherals is invaluable for those working in this sector.

MACTRON GROUP (MTG) was approached by one of our partners - an experienced system integrator in Europe to provide them the suitable hardware for one of their customers as the "Solution Provider" who developed the application software to monitor the blood oxygen levels of high-risk patients to better take care of them.


We provide MTG’s 7-Inch Medical-Grade Mobile Tablet PC MMS0700 along with the docking station for using as the "Blood Oxygen Sensor Equipment Solution". By integrating the blood oxygen sensor into MTG's Medical-Grade Mobile Tablet PC, the medical personals can gather all necessary data including the blood oxygen levels to provide adequate monitoring.



Thanks to MTG’s MMS0700, it enables the medical personals to gather the information they need with just one touch of a fingertip. It is much easier and more powerful as it can be connected to the internet via its Wi-Fi as well as 3G LTE communication to upload the blood oxygen data, do the big data analysis to give the medical personals more flexibility in monitoring their patients.

The solution creates a new method for medical personals to have more accessible data of their patients; therefore, they are able to better take care of their patients.

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