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Application: Sports Retailing Chain Stores & Interactive Solution

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WCA/WCS Series integrated with RFID Module gives better interactive experience
MACTRON GROUP’s 11.6-Inch WCA1162 Model


Due to the development of technology, the purchase channels of the retail industry are diversified. As a retailer, you are always seeking ways to engage with customers and grab their attention.

The interactive solution is a key way for brands and stores to communicate with customers. You can’t always have a one-to-one conversation or do a direct deal with every customer but they can always see your interactive solution.

With the interactive solution, you can guide customers towards specific items. When things are easy to navigate, decisions are easier.

A sports retailer in the European countries needs an interactive way to deliver a perfect product demo of their sports shoes and shows customers the images and videos of how it would be like when putting this shoe on. When customers walk into the store, they want to attract their attention immediately by the interactive solution playing the images & product information of the promoting shoes.


MACTRON GROUP’s 11.6-Inch Touch All-In-One System PPC was deployed as an interactive solution at the stores in a sports retailing chain to attract customer’s attention.

The basic idea is that RFID reader integrated into MACTRON GROUP’s Touch All-In-One System PPC triggers an event when the shoes is selected and the content of the interactive solution will automatically play the appropriate advertising clip for that product – presenting information, and promoting sales.

In short, the retailer will be able to directly target specific advertising messages to customers who have just shown interest in the shoes.



RFID interactive solution makes messages displayed on the screen more attractive and engaging. The complete information of the chosen shoes will be displayed and some other products matching customers’ choice will also be suggested.

The most important thing is that the customers feel that they are being treated in a special way and it makes sure the customers engage with the brands.

On the other hand, the retailer gains access to precise data: what products are the customers interested in, what are customers looking for, how much time do they spend in certain areas? The retailer can initiate a more powerful campaign accordingly.

Thanks to the Touch All-In-One System PPC MACTORN GROUP provided, the retailer can get closer to customers in a simple yet effective way.

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