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Application: Multi-tasking Telecom Self-service Kiosk Solution

Rugged and compact building blocks for self-service applications

Telecom Kiosk Application Usage - WCS2150 Model + Card Dispenser


MACTRON GROUP was approached by a European system integrator to help the biggest telecom company developing a self-service kiosk solution for their retail stores.

Sometime you will find yourself in urgent need of a network connection. Hence, the first step is to get yourself a SIM card.

The telecom company wants to leverage the advantages of a self-service kiosk solution to enable their customer to perform transactions such as purchasing SIM cards on their own and make their in-store staffs focus on helping customers with their queries related to services.


It requires numerous specific integrations and components to build this self-service kiosk. This included a dispenser able to distribute SIM cards, a scanner to capture the barcode on each card as it is dispensed to the customer and so on.

MACTRON GROUP provides the 21.5-Inch Touch All-In-One System PPC as the building blocks for the self-service kiosk solution. The 21.5” PPC offers lots of I/O connections to interface with various devices mentioned above, as well as a touch screen providing crystal-clear display and simple steps for customers to operate.

The telecom company owns the application software which installed into MACTRON GROUP’s 21.5-Inch Touch All-In-One System PPC and built the external housing as the complete self-service kiosk solution.

WCS2150/ WCA2152


As more of this telecom company’s customers approach these self-service kiosks, there is a significant improvement in customer experience. The telecom company’s staffs can focus on providing better services while the self-service kiosks easing the workload for them. It leads to increased revenue and productivity.

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