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Application: Warehouse Management Costs & Errors Reducing Solution


A world-leading clothing brand in Europe improves its warehouse management. The company needs a forklift-mountable Rugged Tablet PC solution that maximizes operational efficiency by high enterprise mobility and robust protection. And its System Integrator came to MACTRON GROUP (MTG).


An efficient logistics IT system is critical for such a big brand to maintain its functional operation to precisely distribute millions of packages worldwide every day. One mistake might lead to the stock shortage of another branch, which not only affects immediate profits but also postpones relative activities and plans.

Forklift truck drivers equipped with suitable Rugged Tablet PCs are easily able to minimize avoidable errors and streamline ordering & inventory management, eventually improving operational efficiencies.

Thus, the Rugged Tablet PC has to feature high processing power, reliable data capture capability, and stable multiple wired & wireless connectivity for the forklift drivers to access real-time data and perform efficient material handling.

That’s why MTG provides this brand with two outstanding Rugged Tablet PC solutions – 10.1” MAS1017 and 12.2” MAS1220. They both can withstand multiple drop tests from 1.0 meters onto concrete, exceed MIL-STD 810G, and provide IP65 sealing protection. Drivers are able to work with confidence, not afraid to break the Rugged Tablet PC accidentally.

These two models also provide COM ports for specific equipment connections. Moreover, MAS1220 has a built-in NFC Reader. Thanks to its keyboard, it also applies to data-intensive tasks. On the other side, MAS1017’s CPU – Intel Skylake Core m3-6Y30 has lower memory latency and faster single-core speed. It also features data protection with its fingerprint.

The two Warehouse Management Hardware Solutions are ideal for clients to own as a part of a standalone service, hardware sale, or repair support service. Depending on the size and number of factories, customers can choose 100 to 10000+ units to maximize production.

Rugged Tablet PC

Rugged Tablet PC


After a thorough market evaluation, this world-leading clothing brand converted its Western European distribution centers to MTG’s turnkey solution, including complete exclusive device staging and all accessories. By deploying MTG’s MAS1017 and MAS1220 models, this brand has simplified and accelerated ordering and inventory management by significantly minimizing errors in its warehouse management.

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