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Newsletter June 2022

Is it necessary to place a huge machine in your lobby?

Since online payment has been a long trend, people get used to booking hotels online and following online payment. Most people who arrive at hotels just want to check in quickly with an intuitive system. Let us introduce you to the MTG Hotel Check-In System – MTG TSK on WCP2157:


Hotels can easily blend the interior design with the simple look of our Panel PC, WCP2157, and make unnecessary features as held options to keep the interior design simple, which means you can save the budget but upgrade your system at the same time.

How could that be? With its slim sizes and optional black and white colors, you can avoid massive changes to the original space planning layout and keep the immovable furniture or areas in a further way.


Moreover, WCP2157 is also easily installed in the elevator halls on each floor as information Kiosks, especially when a hotel has a large number of guest floors.

  • 16:9 Ratio with 21.5” True-Flat PCAP touch
  • Intel Whiskey Lake U Processor
  • Aluminum Die Casting Housing
  • Rich & Flexible I/O Port Design
  • Ultra Slim 49.9mm with 3 Pieces Design
  • Fanless & Front Panel IP65
  • Simple Installation & Easy Assembly
  • Industrial Quality & Chic Appearance
  • Support TPM and Intel vPro (Optional)
  • Magnetic I/O Port Cover For Easy Maintaining (Optional)
  • Extensional Power Button (Optional)
  • Microsoft modern style ribbon UI
  • Support wide-coverage communication protocols
  • Support VNC remote monitoring and FTP file transfer
  • Offers a variety of alarm tables, actions that alarms can be set to trigger
  • Support simple scripting language for data manipulation between HMI and PLC
  • Data extracted by data logger service can be further exported into .txt, .csv or .pdf file
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