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Newsletter October 2023

In the face of rapid climate change, traditional crop cultivation methods are being put to the test. The increasingly extreme climate conditions have made it challenging to predict crop yields, leading to significant fluctuations in raw material prices.


The advent of smart agriculture has provided us with a solution to these challenges. It enables us to employ more advanced indoor cultivation methods and gain more precise control over crop growth.

Through the WCP series, you can establish a touchscreen solution that offers a visual interface for monitoring the growth status of the entire farm. You can also use the touchscreen to regulate indoor lighting, control irrigation timing, adjust water quantities, and manage fertilizer dosages.


By embracing technology and data-driven cultivation, we can accurately calculate the water, fertilizer, and sunlight exposure required for different crops, thus maximizing efficiency. This approach ensures a stable production of crops and a consistent food supply, ultimately safeguarding supply chain stability and price predictability.

WCP Series

  • 11.6" / 15.6" / 21.5" Windows System
  • Intel Alder Lake Processor
  • Fanless & Front Panel IP65
  • Rich & Flexible I/O Port Design
  • Aluminum Die Casting Housing
  • Magnetic I/O Port Cover For Easy Maintaining (Optional)

Go check out MTG’s WCP series to find out more information and contact us at We are more than happy to address your concerns and help you find suitable solutions.

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