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Newsletter February 2024

Food Temperature Monitoring Application Usage

Revolutionize Your Food Safety Practices with MACTRON GROUP's Temperature Monitoring Solutions

In the food industry, ensuring safety is paramount. That's why we're excited to introduce the temperature monitoring solutions — WCP1567 and MAS1011.


WCP1567 : Wireless Monitoring System

  • Easy installation and real-time monitoring with wireless connectivity.
  • Rich I/O Ports enable connection to high-precision sensors for accurate temperature readings.

MAS1011 : Multi-Channel Temperature Logger
  • Comprehensive monitoring with multiple temperature channels.
  • Extended use with long battery life and durable design.
  • Record-keeping and reporting with data logging capabilities.

With MACTRON GROUP's solutions, you can:
  • Preserve food freshness by maintaining optimal temperatures.
  • Prevent spoilage and waste by addressing deviations promptly.
  • Streamline compliance and improve operational efficiency.
  • 15.6” Windows System
  • Aluminum Die Casting Housing
  • Fanless & Front Panel IP65
  • Rich & Flexible I/O Port Design
  • Magnetic I/O Port Cover For Easy Maintaining (Optional)
  • 10.1″ Windows System
  • Intel® Celeron® N5100 Processor
  • 700 nits High Brightness Sunlight Readable
  • Support 4G LTE, NFC Module
  • Support Optional Barcode Scanner
  • Support GNSS, Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 5.0
Elevate your food safety standards with MACTRON GROUP's temperature monitoring solutions. Visit our website or contact us at for more information.
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