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Newsletter May 2024

Revolutionizing Medical Mobility: The WMR2387 Medical Rechargeable Touch Panel PC

MACTRON GROUP, a leader in the Touch Panel PC field, is thrilled to introduce the WMR2387 – a 23.8" Medical Rechargeable Touch Panel PC designed to enhance efficiency and mobility in healthcare environments, transforming medical carts and emergency fields.

Hot Swappable Battery

The Hot Swappable Battery function ensures continuous patient care by allowing battery replacement without shutdown. Feature Easy & Quick Access Side Opening Design. With a total capacity of 13600mAh, it guarantees an uninterrupted care experience.

Medical Grade Antimicrobial Coat

The Medical Grade Antimicrobial Coat keeps the device clean and safe, thereby enhancing hygiene and ensuring a clean and hygienic environment that is compatible with hospital solvents for easy maintenance.


Improved Efficiency with Optional Features

The built-in NFC RFID Module offers quick and secure access to patient records, streamlining workflow. Optional features such as the Barcode Scanner and Privacy Screen cater to various medical needs.

Embrace the Future of Medical Technology

The WMR2387 is more than just a device; it’s a solution designed to improve the efficiency, hygiene, and effectiveness of healthcare professionals. Invest in the WMR2387 to ensure optimal care without compromising reliability or performance.

Manage your medical carts and emergency fields more effectively with MACTRON GROUP's Touch Panel PC solutions. Visit our website or contact us at for more information.
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