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Newsletter March 2019
As the major contributor for the great visibility, brightness is quite important when human eyes are under certain environment!
We as the users could quickly perceive the important information from the high brightness device when the image quality is much clearer!
MACTRON GROUP - High Brightness Rugged Mobile Tablet MAS/MAA Series
MAS0701 / MAA0703
  • High Brightness
  • Support Windows 10/ Android 8.1 system
  • Support wet-hand touch or glove touch (MAA0703)
  • Support Anti-Scratch Touch Panel
  • Built-in 13.56M RFID module
  • Support 1D/2D Scanner
  • Support Fingerprint
To know more about production area application usage MAS/MAA Series, MAS0701/ MAA0703, please visit for more details.
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